Monday, December 24, 2012

Updated 1.24.2008

The List, The List, The List Has New Stuff...

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Have fun! The pages themselves will "move up" under this post when they're updated (sometimes), and my Livejournal will continue to clue you in when IT updates.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bloggin' Memories

Sometimes I want to save things that aren't really random for future perusal, or to point other people to in the context of discussions, or just to ponder them more before developing an opinion on something.

"1958" (Aaru Tuesday)
"From the Whoreses Mouth" (Aaru Tuesday)
"I'll Be In My Bunk" (Aaru Tuesday)

"Constructing Rape" (Capitalism Bad, Trees Pretty)
"How to detect subtle differences between yes & no before you're accused of rape" (Abyss2Hope)

"One In Seven" (The Perorations of Lady Blackwell)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have so many good links related to Truth that I decided it needed its own section. Some will migrate here from other sections. In the meantime...

Dieting Makes You Fat
...which is why No Diet Day does more harm than good.
Weight Loss Diets Are Useless &/or Harmful
You Are Not Your Body

A Modest Conversation: In Which A Psychologist Proposes a Swift Solution to Reports of Death and Disease Due to Weight

This is what they want for us, ladies.

If you are gay, the right wing hates you. Want proof?
Peyton Place in the Pleistocene

Cisprivilege Bingo!
Feminist Bingo!

On Not Being a Disease

I'm an OKOP, You're an OKOP


I realized there was enough visual art floating around the various categories to probably warrant its own post. (Have no fear, webcomics are still art.)

Random Goodness (Requiring A Bit of Explanation)

I never promised you a *lot*of explanation...


Do-gooding is fun; here are some ways to do good and/or good things being done.